Weekly Global Hotel Performance Trends

Global occupancy (excluding the U.S) climbed 0.3ppts to 72.8%, resulting in another post-pandemic high and a YoY gain of 5.2ppts. Comparing against pre-pandemic times, the matched week in July 2019 marked the high point of global occupancy at 75.9% (+3.1ppts higher compared to 2023). Global ADR remained over US$150 at US$154, which was up 10.5% […]

8 Hotel Ancillary Upselling Ideas

In the highly-competitive era of hospitality, hotels always seek ways and methods to increase their sales and revenue and also to distinguish themselves from their competitors. A potent and effective way that hotels are adopting rapidly revolves around the art of ‘ancillary upselling.’ This is a comprehensive way to provide guests with a plethora of […]

A Look at the Hotel Industry’s Recovery

The hotel industry has been slowly but steadily recovering in the U.S. and in many parts of the world since 2021; data shows this trend continuing into 2022. New weekly data reports from STR are showing encouraging signs for the hotel industry this year and are providing key comparisons from pre-pandemic levels to measure where […]