8 Hotel Ancillary Upselling Ideas

In the highly-competitive era of hospitality, hotels always seek ways and methods to increase their sales and revenue and also to distinguish themselves from their competitors. A potent and effective way that hotels are adopting rapidly revolves around the art of ‘ancillary upselling.’ This is a comprehensive way to provide guests with a plethora of supplementary services and products that are beyond the limitations of just hotel property reservations.

These complementary offerings, commonly known as ancillary services, include a lot of things, ranging from room upgrades and exclusive amenities to spa treatments, captivating dining experiences, and an assortment of other enticing offers. By offering guests an array of compelling options that amplify and improve their overall guest experience, hotels stand to elevate their ancillary revenue and skyrocket their overall profitability.

The term “ancillary upselling” signifies the substantial revenue/sales that happen from these value-added services, thereby possessing critical importance within the hotel industry. As the demand for exclusive and customized experiences continues its growth, hotels should leverage the potential to augment guest contentment to improve their upselling line through the provision of ancillary services.

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